More than 20 years of experience.

We packed our luggage already in the autumn of 1995!


For those companies who are interested in investing to Russian market or are already established in Russia, we give our years of experience.

Pasi Järvilehto and Russia

"Getting contacts is relatively easy. Building trust and credibility are much harder. However losing them both is truly painful and easy!"

When I took my first flight from Helsinki to CIS countries on the 25th of August 1995 I wondered, where on earth I am getting myself into.

Today, I can proudly look back on my years abroad. What have I learned? What has been done and achieved?

For me, the answer is clear. After more than 20 years of work in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, I myself and Pajakon Ltd. have become unique. Those responsibilities and opportunities given back then gave us results for life. Rarely this kind of opportunity is given to anybody.

I am grateful for that very opportunity every day!

Everything in business is growing and developing. However, those same rules applies to international trade.

Nothing is created by itself and nothing is given for free.

A special feature of East-West trade is trust. Absolute trust for the other side! That very same thing that unites us all everywhere in the world.

Those who have worked in East-West trade probably know that building trust is hard work. Losing it is painful and easy.

This story continues and allow me to tell you more as we meet.

_ _ _
Pasi Järvilehto

Pasi Järvilehto and Suomen Viljava Ltd. in Agro Business web publication in 2019.

Pasi Järvilehto Agro Business 2019 Suomen Viljava

Pasi Järvilehto in Ukrainian Kyiv Post News in 2008.

Pasi Jarvilehto Kyiv Post

Pasi Järvilehto in the Moscow casino industry print edition in 1997.

Pasi Järvilehto Pajakon
"Pajakon Ltd has helped Suomen Viljava Ltd to find leads in the Russian market and has created a significant network and a concept for our company in grain transit sector in Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. "
Pasi Lähdetie
CEO, Suomen Viljava Ltd.

We don't do politics, we do business that has value for our customer!

The role of Pajakon Ltd. is to provide unique solutions that focus on
the needs of customers in different countries and cultures.

We work in both directions with companies planning to trade from Russia to Finland and other countries, as well as from Finland to Russia and
other countries.

Our role is to focus on the solution, taking into consideration those individual needs of our customers either here in Finland or other countries.

Our office is currently located in Finland (Satakunnankatu 28, Tampere). However, we move smoothly across a number of markets, according to our customers’ needs. We are also happy to solve business challenges with our customers on the location in Russia.

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