Up-to-date information for supporting business and public services.

Researches combined with the experience of PAJALLA concept business operations are the best internal strategic partner for you. At the same time, it provides up-to-date information on the market conditions.

Our PAJALLA concept, we have been conducting researches since 2015 for companies, private and public stakeholders, and municipal services.

Why, how and what now? Those are the answers you get with us!


Do you know how loyal your customers are? How high your customers rate your business? Do they recommend your business to their colleagues?

There is a strong link between loyal customers, sales and profitability. Promoting business is important throughout the whole business cycle, both in boom and downturns.

Loyal customers create a business brand by promoting it to their acquaintances and friends. The importance of loyal customers is growing due to digitalization and increased use of social media.

Nowadays it is very easy to share experiences eg. in social media. A satisfied and loyal customer is the promoter of your business!

The most important factors of well-being at work are a good work atmosphere, motivating work and the ability to influence the content and job description of one’s own work.

Companies that invest in personnel and work environments are more productive. Studies show that the influence of a good work atmosphere is the single biggest factor in assessing overall well-being at work.

PAJALLA – traditional personnel survey
PAJALLA – equality survey
PAJALA – personnel well-being
PAJALLA – personnel analysis

Our TAHTI Research streamlines and accelerates the customer’s own research process significantly compared to traditional process.

The idea behind TAHTI-Research is to get more frequent feedback, to respond to potential challenges faster and to identify good practices more easily.

Because of the pace of research, much more research information is collected than a one-time survey. Therefore, we can promise that the results of the research will be more reliable and therefore the conclusions and measures based on them will be better adhered to.

TAHTI – personnel survey
TAHTI – customer survey
TAHTI – the market survey
TAHTI – sales survey
TAHTI – event survey

Summer and leisure residents are an important part of the municipality’s economy. Therefore, it is important to find out what things they value in the municipality, the services it provides and how they can be further developed.

The summer resident survey itself is already positive. It informs the residents about their important role in the municipality. In addition, the results can be used in general information, in the marketing and communication of the municipality. Increased public debate and partly heightened views on changes in summer housing are likely to increase the importance of research and its results.

The summer resident survey is carried out in the so-called postcard-inviting inquiry that works electronically across all platforms. The survey will include all residents who own a second home in the municipality.

The resident migration research surveys the opinions, expectations, and perceptions of those who have moved to and from the municipality.

The study seeks to find out the answers to the causes of migration and the image factors of the region in the resident groups. In addition, the survey identifies the needs of the respondents and the areas for development in the area.

In order to get results within a broader framework, it is important to compare them with those who have left the area and newcomers. The research material is collected through telephone interviews (including electronic answering) and sub-divided by region.

Existing statistics show that most municipalities and cities in Finland suffer from net migration losses. That is why it is important to focus on identifying the factors that increase migration and how you can prevent it!

Is equality and its conditions materializing in your work environment or in society in general? Do you recognize equality?

Equality means that all people are equal regardless of eg. their background, health, or ethnic origin.

However, equality does not mean the same social benefits or statutory rights for all individuals or groups of people. Equality does not mean total equality, because equality means equal opportunities for all.

If you like to know more about equality and how equal conditions improve your working environment, please contact via email or via telephone +358 500 730 922

Importance of Researches for All Business

Analysis in Business Development Pajakon Ltd.
Analysis in Business Development Pajakon Ltd.

Businesses and companies which regularly research their business are faster growing and more productive than other companies on average.

The research data and their proper analysis enable, among other things. improving the brand image of the business, adding value to your services, and creating relevance for your business and its goals.