Our PAJALLA workshop has all the tools you need.

Our PAJALLA concept is for comprehensive business development and expert solutions in one package.

This concept has all the essentials of all the individual services we offer, including research, analysis, sales and marketing services, and other strategic business expertise.

You choose the individual package and we deliver the tools!

PAJALLA Concept Folders

Market research is not just for new products or services. Existing business needs up-to-date information on markets, customers and competitors throughout its business cycle to support and develop.

Do you ever wonder why a 100% guaranteed deal was lost?

Occupational well-being and personnel surveys provide up-to-date information on your business climate. We also conduct other development and social studies and equality studies.

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Data and information should be properly compiled and analysed. With the right methods and enough information, results can be transformed into continuous support for your business.

Very rarely does a business have success stories achieved through “I feel so”. Analyzes, conclusions and the right decisions based on them reduce or eliminate the importance of luck altogether.

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Do you know what is your best target audience is and who do you want to reach with your services and products?

Sales support in its entirety, from defining your target audience to customer acquisition and sales support. Do you want to outsource all of your sales and customer acquisition?

Our sales training will help you improve your organization and sell your products and services better than before.

We plan and develop projects and business areas and test business models in both way – domestic and international.

Business Cycle

Business cycle Pajakon
Business cycle Pajakon

The business cycle is an endless cycle where you should not lie on your bearings. Any failed product or service entity must be properly evaluated and analysed before pivotal decisions are made.

Even a successful product and service needs mid-term evaluations and the right conclusions. Our PAJALLA concept is for the entire business cycle!

"A good concept is created from small drops of action and knowledge."

Pasi Järvilehto, entrepreneur, Pajakon Ltd.