Even tiny changes will affect the outcome in business.

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There is a solution for everything!

Pasi Järvilehto, CEO

We develop business strategies and customized solutions for your domestic business and international arenas.

Each company and business is a unique work of art.

Our Services


Our PAJALLA Workshop Concept’s mission is to provide valuable information and solutions to business strategies. With us, you will get research, analysis, sales and marketing services, combined with expert solutions in one package.

PAJALLA - Researches

Market, customer and HR research and much more. Why didn’t a 100% guaranteed trade happen? Is there a need and space for a new product in the market? Is your personnel feeling well? Ask more, we will implement all you need.

PAJALLA - Analyses

What do statistics mean and how should they be read or analysed? Do you have any information you think is useful? Correctly analysed and applied data play a significant role in your business.

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